Follow these simple instructions to quickly take samples of possible mycotoxin contamination. Mail them to Mycotoxin Testing Lab, and we'll send results to you via email.

Testing Fees: For $325.00, each sample will be tested for 18 Mycotoxins; results are emailed to you 5-10 days after receipt of your samples.

FASTTRACK testing: For those in need of fast results, we offer FASTTRACK service. This allows you to receive your results ASAP.

FASTTRACK: 24 hr. results: $650.00
FASTTRACK: 72 hr. results: $487.00

Complete Mycotoxin Testing: 18 specific procedures for one testing fee:

Mycotoxin Screen:
Aflatoxins B1
Aflatoxins B2
Aflatoxins G1
Aflatoxins G2
Fumonisnin B1
Fumonisnin B2
Fumonisnin B3
Ochratoxin A
T-2 Toxin
HT-2 Toxin
Fusarenon X
Deoxynivalenol (DON)
3 Acetyl DON
15 Acetyl DON

How to test for mycotoxins in your home or business:

Avoid touching or breathing samples. Each sample must be packaged individually. Accurate testing results requires strict adherence to the instructions listed below!

Bulk Materials Sampling: Bulk materials can be from any dry (wet materials can not be tested) suspect contaminated material that can reasonably be removed from its environment for submission in a US Postal Priority Mail (USPPM) Tyvek envelope. Sampling should be collected in a manner to minimize or avoid disturbing materials (avoid creating dust) to reduce exposures to inhabitants or to the person collecting samples. A mask should be worn to diminish breathing of airborne particles during collection; sterile gloves should be worn and clean collection equipment should be used for each sample. Razor blades or scraping equipment should not be reused for the next sample (use new equipment for each new sample). SAMPLES MUST BE AT LEAST 8" x 8". Place sample (one sample per envelope) in a USPPM envelope made from Tyvek (never use a plastic envelope). Each sample containing envelope should be sealed by twice folding the top of the bag and stapling shut. Reference number from the internet ordering site and sample identification and descriptions (see below), as well as your contact information must be written on the outside of each sample bag submitted.


Wallpaper samples should be 8"x 8" and can be removed with a clean razor blade and peeled from the wall. Wallboard or Drywall samples should be an 8"x 8" area. Carpet or carpet pad samples should be 8" x 8" areas. Books, cardboard, paper, insulation and other bulk materials should be selected based on their suspected contamination. Each submitted sample should be placed in a USPPM Tyvek envelope, then folded at the top and stapled closed, with each envelope marked for identification including the reference number provided by the internet ordering site (see below).

Surface Sampling: Some surface materials cannot be removed. Therefore, the only choice is to swab the surface where there is likely contamination and send the swab material to the laboratory. Sterile three-inch square cotton gauze pads can be purchased at a drug store and used as sampling swabs. Before swabbing the surface, soak the pad with pure bottled drinking water. With sterile gloved hands, wring the water out of the pad. The pad should have no water available to drip out of the pad onto the sampling surface. With a gloved hand, use one side of the pad to swab a 12"x 12" surface in a suspect contaminated area.

Sampling Dust: Samples of dust (about one teaspoon but more is better) may be collected from a variety of sources such as HVAC system ducts or filters, as well as settled dust on equipment and other miscellaneous sources and then sealed inside a USPPM Tyvek envelope.

Miscellaneous Environmental Sampling: Any other types of environmental samples such as ceiling tile, fabrics and paint chips can be submitted to the laboratory. Samples of dust from HVAC systems can usually be taken with a clean spoon or spatula. Dust samples are usually very dry so they can be placed in a USPPM envelope. Other samples of dust can be collected by scraping together the dust, and packaging for shipment similarly as in HVAC systems. Some area size should be indicated with each sample collected. Make sure to use gloves and a face mask during any collection process. Remember to include the reference number (see below) on each USPPM envelope.

To order your tests: Fill out the Sample Submittal Form, and use the "order" link at the bottom of the form. When the order process is completed, make a note of the reference number.

Reference Number: After you complete payment on our secure credit card server, a receipt will be emailed to you immediately. The reference number looks like this:

Reference: Comments: Miva Merchant Order #0000
(The reference number is the four-digit number).

The three items you will need to attach to each sample envelope:

First: The reference number from our web site indicating payment has been made.

Second: A piece of paper or card with the following:
Your Full Name
Reference number from the Mold Testing Lab website
Street Address
City, St. Zip Code
Phone Number
Email address (necessary to receive report via email)
Area Sampled (example: kitchen cabinet, living room wall)
Date and time sample taken
Name of person taking sample
PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR PREFERENCE FOR RECEIVING TEST RESULTS: Email, U.S. Mail, or Fax (for faxed results, make sure you include your fax number)
Or: Click here for a printable sample label. (Recommended!)


Envelopes containing identified samples should be placed in a US Postal Priority Mail container/package and sent by Priority Mail to:

Mycotoxin Testing Lab
111 West 4th Street
Washington, MO 63090

Findings will be provided by email or regular mail depending on the response request included when placing your order. Normal turnaround time is ten days.

Special handling or unusual ordering information can be obtained by sending an email to

Professional consultation or "Expert Witness" services are available for mycotoxin issues and concerns. Please submit a needs outline request to for pricing evaluation and follow-up

All set? All you need to do is take your samples, and visit our submittal page!