Mycotoxin contamination is a critical health issue. And comtaminated environments are dangerous. Recent research shows that mycotoxins and mold spores can pass through HEPA approved respirator filters. Even SCBA respirators (supplied air systems) are vulnerable, as mask fit is imperfect (even a day's beard growth can compromise the facial seal, and respirators don't always fit properly, especially with women or people of smaller stature). Clearly, decontamination needs to be a part of any cleanup process.

What do you do if your results are positive for Mycotoxin contamination? In many cases, decontamination is the answer. IAQM introduces the new Contents Decon Formula: A safe, non toxic, and non-corrosive product that neutralizes mycotoxins, deactivates mold & spores, and more. Affordable and easy to use... safe enough for any home.

Technological Breakthrough - Introducing IAQM's Contents Decon. Independent laboratory tests have shown that this formulation is effective in eliminating Trichothecene Mycotoxins associated as a chemical toxic by-product of mold and mold spores. Affordable and easy to use... safe enough for any home.

  • Neutralizes Mold By-Products
  • Deactivates Mold Spores
  • Eliminates Trichothecene Mycotoxins
  • Sprays Quickly & Works Effectively
  • Environmentally Friendly for Easy Cleanup

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The family of IAQM companies exists to provide healthy & safe environments for workers, school children, our military and American families. As mold- and mycotoxin-related disease grows into a national crisis, resulting in lost productivity, damaging lawsuits and devastating illnesses, IAQM will make your facility a healthy one. Guaranteed. They will provide honest, current information and will always use the latest state-of-the-art environmental equipment, and the most current EPA approved detection, inspection, testing, prevention and remediation methods.

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New technology for structural decontamination is coming soon from IAQM. Check this page often for new products and services related to mold consulting, remediation, and decontamination, as well as mortgage, legal and insurance services!