Carrie Maune - Key Personnel

Ms. Maune has extensive knowledge in the area of mycotoxin control and is a published author in numerous technical and trade journal articles. Carrie is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on mycotoxin management. Carrie is a degreed chemist with extensive experience in the analysis of mycotoxins and methodology development. Carrie is an accomplished and respected speaker and has given numerous presentations to various trade groups and organizations throughout the U.S. Ms. Maune has extensive knowledge and experience in obtaining method approvals from the AOAC and GIPSA (FGIS).

Bruce Malone - Key Personnel

Bruce has more than 20 years of experience in analytical methodology. Bruce is a degreed chemist with more than 15 years of experience in developing analytical methods for mycotoxins. Mr. Malone is considered one of the foremost authorities for the analysi of mycotoxins with particular expertise in purification of complex matrices. Bruce has been the primary researcher on numerous papers including the recent discovery and detection of Ochratoxin in house dust particles published in 1999. Bruce has been instrumental in the approval process of numerous methods for mycotoxins by AOAC and GIPSA. Bruce has extensive knowledge for methodology and the analysis of mycotoxin binders and mycotoxin inactivating products and their effectiveness for binding ability. Bruce is a published author of numerous scientific papers and articles including a book chapter on mycotoxin methodology and is the AOAC Associate Referee for mycotoxins in Botanicals.

Kraig Bond - Key Personnel

Kraig is a patented equipment designer who has worked extensively in the development and manufacture of equipment for the analysis of mycotoxins including grinding / sub-sampling mills, sample preparation and analytical methods. Kraig has directed and organized mycotoxin conferences throughout North and South America. Kraig has been a speaker at numerous conferences and organizational meetings on various aspects of mycotoxins. Kraig has a degree in business management and is a member of the AOAC, AACC, ASBC, IFT, and GEAPS. Kraig has been a member of the AACC mycotoxin committee since 1995 and is the Mycotoxin Committee Chair.

Kelley Renkemeyer

As a Senior Research Technician Kelley has more than 10 years of laboratory experience in the analyses of mycotoxins, with special emphasis on complex matrices. Kelley has been instrumental as the primary technician on the accreditation of rapid assays for FGIS approvals. Kelley has extensive knowledge of mycotoxin methodology including HPLC, TLC, ELISA and fluorometric methods.

Julie Brunkhorst

Julie is a degreed chemist and is responsible for performing mycotoxin methodology, training clients and distributors on all aspects of mycotoxin methods. Julie has been a speaker at numerous conferences and meetings on mycotoxins. Julie has extensive experience in FGIS approval protocol.